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JHM Technologies – RTMComposites

JHM Technologies was born in May of 1990, with the objective of producing RTM Injection equipment which provides the highest level of process control possible. Our focus has been founded on continual refinement of the various processes of RTM, LRTM, VARTM and VIP to eliminate the “ART” and create a low pressure closed thermoset molding process that emulates the repeatability of that found in the thermoplastic injection molding processes.

In 2001, JHM Technologies opened the Closed Molding Development Center located in Fenton Michigan USA with the mission of turn-key support throughout the molding community with the supply of molds, training classes and the complete line of Infuser Series metermix injection equipment.

Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to meet the specific requirements of each application with solid technical solutions. Having actual production molding experience, sets us apart from a company who only makes Injection machines, or one who only offers tooling, or raw materials, we have several key staff members who have been actually on the molding line, we know what it takes to manage the Chemistry, Part and Mold design and the Molding Process aas a whole.

Injection Systems

The entire line of Infuser series Injection systems are designed specifically for closed molding from a group of experts with over 30 years of practical molding experience. Offering the full range of systems serving from the small 2 man operation to high volume production OEM molders, as well as, aerospace and laboratory applications. Single and plural component Polyester and Epoxy systems are available in semi automatic, up to fully
CLOSED-LOOP automated process control with integrated data collection. The most advanced injection systems in world can be found in the Infuser line.

Learn from the Experts

Why re-invent the wheel, sure you can figure it out, yet at what cost and how long will it take? JHM Technologies has over 70 years of combined practical in-house molding experiences from countless applications literally around the globe. All of the questions of how to build a mold can be found out immediately, as well, what precisely is needing to be controlled in the process to ensure the highest part quality at the lowest cost, giving you the competitive advantage you need to stay ahead. JHM Technologies offers training schools several times each year as well can give you the one on one support you need for your specific application.

Turn-Key Systems & Tooling

Custom tooling to meet your production volume and performance standards are easily ordered with just a drawing or CAD file of the application you have. Let us take care of the total tool design providing you with a fully ready and tested production mold ready to meet your production demands upon arrival at your plant.

Need a “Turn-Key” solution, then we will add all of the needed equipment to provide you with the fully running workcenter, including the training of your operators on how to begin your operation as soon as the system arrives at your plant.

Buy Parts and Accessories

In all cases, RTM, LRTM or Closed Bag Molding (VARTM) no one can make a quality product from a poor quality or improperly designed molding tool. JHM Technologies stands ready to supply you with the highest quality, complete ready to go, mold set for any of the closed molding processes, let us build your mold today.
If you build you own molds, then count on the fact we have all of your Seals, Injection Ports, Vents and all related hardware needs to build a high quality mold. Got a question, ask away we are here to assist you.

Your RTM, LRTM, and VARTM Needs

Today, the light resin transfer molding form of resin transfer molding is the leading growth technology in the (GRP) glass reinforced plastic composite molding industry worldwide. Yet, do not let the term “light” mislead you, the LRTM process is fully capable of producing the exact same weight and strengths of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composites as common to the RTM, SMC, SRIM, VARTM or numerous other forms of composite moulding processes known worldwide. While the historic use of closed molding has been with expensive tooling as common for the RIM, SMC, BMC, GMT and even the conventional (RTM) resin transfer moulding process methods, the innovations of the “LRTM” the Lite RTM process bring those tooling cost far lower, making the low pressure molding methods of the light RTM very practical and within reach of even the smaller open (hand lay-up or spray-up) molder.

The drive away from Chopper Guns as used in the spray-up methods of open or contact molding is fueled by both VOC emission regulation and by the skill required by the operator to pay attention to detail, not to mention the far superior work environment created by the use of various closed molding methods of LRTM, RTM, VARTM, as well, Vacuum Infusion, all of which produce a higher level of professional quality in the fiber reinforced plastic composites they produce. Void free, with two finished sides of the molded composites are just a part of the advantage inherent to the LRTM or any of the various forms of resin transfer molding. One of the main advantages of the LRTM, RTM, VARTM or Vacuum Infusion molding processes is the precise control of molding cost by producing an extremely repeatable part from the mold with each molding cycle. Repeatable resin usage of within 15 grams from part to part are not unheard of when using LRTM, VARTM or Vacuum infusion especially when used with the precise process control only available with the JHM Technologies’ Infuser Series of Injection Machines.