Making Closed Molding Simple, Just Say When…

There are times in life when things are rather subjective or can change from time to time, one such scenario could be while dining. The waiter reaches over your salad with their pepper grinder hovering and says, "Just Say When" implying you tell them when to stop grinding pepper on top of your salad. In contrast, when injecting a mold with resin there is a set volume the mold can accept. Overfilling or underfilling the mold can have impacts on part quality, production performance, and the health of the molding operation, let alone lowering profits and wasting money.

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Vacuum Infusion is not a Direct Replacement for Open Mold or RTM

Vacuum Infusion has continued to hold the spotlight of the FRP molding industry. In itself vacuum infusion (VARTM) is an excellent molding process. Producing products with high fiber load while offering a low entry investment, and is simply to educate staff on. However, many have stumbled with the hype that this "new" process is a drop in replacement for their current production. What are the differences between a product developed via open mold, closed mold (RTM, LRTM, HP-RTM, and vacuum infusion. Is vacuum infusion a drop in replace for your production?!

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