GAIN THE CLOSED MOLDING KNOWLEDGE - Eliminate the GUESSING ON THE BEST CLOSED MOLDING PROCESS The KEY to success in Closed Molding is in the Tooling and the Operator Training – The market is filled with what seems like countless closed molding tooling design and process options…. Is using a Silicone Bag the way to go, or should you use a Latex Bag, or should you build a rigid RTM mold or should you build a very light weight LRTM mold. With these questions there is no doubt 101 more to ask, which no doubt leaves the molder today in a bit of a quandary as to the direction to go. To bring a sense of understanding to each of the process methods the JHM Technologies training class brings a level of understanding of the pro’s and con’s of each process method and points to the best process for each application. Every molder who is looking to achieve the highest level of performance from closed molding based on the CORRECT PROCESS for their application will benefit from the training offered. Next class is Dec 5th and 6th 2012 for further details and registration information go to school overview page and pdf for registration