Industry Leading Injection System Software

Infusatrol® is the industry leading closed molding injection software. Designed and developed with over 30 years of experience in closed molding production. Infusatrol® aims to provide truly valuable features, process control, and production data for closed molder. Infusatrol’s® innovative approach to controlling flow rate—instead of relying strictly on pressure—provides molders with process repeatability day-in-and-day-out. Significantly reducing wasted resin and scrapped parts.

With an Infusatrol® powered injection system closed molders have the ability to store and edit injection recipes, take advantage of repeatability with one-button injections, quickly inject multiple molds using RFID tags, store daily production logs, stay ahead of maintenance with our proprietary maintenance prevention feature, and much more! Infusatrol® comes standard on the Infuser PRG® and Infuser Servo® injection systems.

Infusatrol® Demonstrations

Introduction & Manual Injection

Creating a Recipe—Teach In-depth

Editing a Recipe—Teach Overview

Automatic Injection

Referencing RFID Tags to a Recipe


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