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The Infuser Flow Master® is a semi-automatic RTM injection system providing state-of-the-art features and innovation to exceed your daily production demands. The tried-and-tested semi-automatic features of the Infuser Flow Master’s will instantly improve your bottom line with less material waste and improved mold quality!

Infuser Flow Master® Features

Automatic Injections
Automate your injections with the Infuser Flow Master’s auto fill technology. The Infuser Flow Master® will precisely fill the mold using a pre-configured injection count, allowing for one-button injections.
Mold Link
Speed up production with pre-configured mold recipes—simply press “start” with the tag on the injection gun’s remote! Mold link is exclusive to the Infuser Series allowing for one-button injections! Place the RFID mold tag on the injection gun’s sensor and the Infuser Flow Master knows exactly how to inject the mold.
Real-time Flow & Pressure Indication
Optimize process repeatability, while protecting your molds from over pressuring, with the Infuser Flow Master® real-time flow rate and pressure indication. The real-time flow rate indication allows the operator to monitor and control the flow rate throughout the injection process, ensuring a consistent injection each time.
Gel Time Alarm
Eliminate the risk of gelling up the injection gun! Infuser Flow Master’s gel time alarm eliminates the risk of resin hardening within the injection gun by alerting the operator post-injection that a flush is required.
Infinite Variable Catalyst Ratio
Infuser Flow Master’s infinite variable catalyst ratio (0.5% to 3%) allows for precise control over configuring the catalyst to resin ratios speeding up cure times.
Mold Cavity Vacuum Verification
Automatically verify mold cavity vacuum level prior to injection. The Infuser Flow Master® can asynchronously perform a mold cavity vacuum test without the operators interaction prior to injection. The operator can choose to be presented with a “pass” or “fail” notice or have the machine automatically begin injection.
Automatic Mold Stress & Resin Overfill Reduction
Reduce mold stress and resin waste from the overfilling of your mold cavities. The Infuser Flow Master® uses a preset flow rate, in combination with pressure, to manage the resin feeding into the mold cavity. When injection parameters are detected to be outside of the allowed ranges, the Infuser Flow Master® will automatically adjust the parameters in order to prevent unnecessary mold stress and resin waste, ultimately extending the life of your molds and saving money on resin usage.

Infuser Flow Master® Models

Standard two component RTM injection system, designed for polyester and vinylester resins. Equipped with a 100cc resin pump and infinitely adjustable 4.5cc stainless steel catalyst pump.

Infuser Flow Master® Specifications:

  • 100cc Resin pump
  • 4.5cc Stainless steel catalyst pump
  • 25 ft. Industrial grade hose set
  • 5 gal. Stainless steel solvent tank
  • Stainless steel braided catalyst lines
  • Resin inlet hose with filter—suitable for 55 gallon drums
  • Automatic resin recirculation valves
  • Dual stream mix head with static mixer element
  • Infinite adjustable catalyst ratio
  • Emergency stop
  • Mold Link
  • Remote Mold Link controller
  • Configurable injection pressure
  • Configurable solvent flush
  • Real time flow rate monitoring
  • Elapsed injection time monitoring
  • Full instrumentation control panel

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