Fiber Glass Industries (FGI) offers a complete line of fabrics and multi-layer fabrics for closed mold applications. Visit our website or speak with one of our salespeople or engineers today for help in choosing the right fabric for your product (800) 842- 4413.

The Flomat® family of fabrics includes:

  • Needled thermoplastic core with outer layers of binderless fiberglass chopped strand mat.
    Most popular, most cost effective in the family.

  • Knitted monofilament core with outer layers of binderless fiberglass chipped strand mat. Specially designed for filled resins up to 70%. Highest flow in the family.

  • Fiberglass knitted core with outer layers of binderless fiberglass chopped strand mat. For applications requiring high glass content. Most conformable in the family.
  • Needled thermoplastic core with outer layers of binderless fiberglass mat + layer of woven or stitched fiberglass fabric. For demanding structural applications. Strongest in the family.

Our products are:

  • Faster – Only one layer
  • Lighter – low glass content
  • 20% Stiffer than CSM or CFM (sandwich construction)
  • Less expensive
  • Hand – conformable to complex and double curved parts
  • Save labor & tool loading times
  • Ideal for variable thickness parts
  • Rapid infusion & wet-out
  • Multi-resin compatible
  • Excellent cosmetics (good finish on both sides of a part)
  • Low resultant voidage in molded parts

To use:

  • Hand shape FLOMAT® to your mold
  • Close the mold
  • Inject it fast
  • No dry spots
  • No scrap

FLOMAT® is made up of highly conformable, thermoplastic or fiberglass core, sandwiched between two layers of binderless fiberglass chopped strand mat. The high loft cores eliminate the need for a separate flow media and are designed to rapidly and thoroughly wet-out molded parts. It was especially designed for use in closed mold applications to achieve maximum consistency in the thickness of molded components. This is possible through the use of our proprietary, high open area core materials which are simultaneously compressible & spring-like. Flomats® are an important step forward in the fabrics available to manufacturers for use in RTM, RTM-LIGHT, CCBM, SRIM, VARTM / Vacuum Infusion.

The FLOMAT® family of closed mold fabrics are available in many different combinations of cores, mats and weaves insuring answers to your closed mold questions. Engineered with you in mind; they are fast to load, fast to fill, structurally efficient and produce superior finished parts. Flomat® behaves like pre-forms in the mold substantially reducing loading time because they stay in place, no spring back, no bridging, no resin rich pockets, no voids; just structure you can count on. Easy placement has one other advantage; less waste and a cleaner and healthier work environment because fiberglass lying on the floor doesn’t build a better part, just a more costly one. The FGI mantra of vertically integrated manufacturing brings one other feature to the table; its absolute controlled thickness and weight. Everyone knows how costly a part becomes when the lid won’t close; thickness tolerance is everything to the fit and function of the part. You simply can’t control the cost if you cant control the weight and thickness. FGI-aircraft precision quality control ensures the thickness will be the same every-time, not just once in-a-while. And that’s critical for rapid production parts.

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