Labeled as a B2B internet marketing company, Webdigia is an LLC founded by two online entrepreneurs.  With the growth of the internet into our daily lives, businesses need a consistent and effective means to market their brands and products online.  Webdigia focuses on organic rankings through SEO, increasing onsite conversions through landing page optimization, driving paid traffic through Pay-Per-Click, and Social Media Marketing and Management (ie: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).  In order to fully cater to their clients, they also offer website maintenance as one of their primary specialties. Starting internet marketing and management too late could lead to serious consequences and most businesses failing now are paying that price (lack of innovation, and failure to adapt to new technological and cultural trends).  Webdigia focuses on developing a gameplan for each of their clients and helps them succeed as if they were doing their own in-house marketing.  The team behind Webdigia is what makes the company stand out from the rest.  Each member is highly skilled, professional, courteous and effective in their roles. Webdigia has the ability to quickly assess your website and provide a report on problematic areas that could be hindering leads and the overall impression and user experience.  This information is critical, especially from an outsider’s point of view looking in.  The better the experience and the more brand awareness consumers have with your brand, the more your business will thrive.  This is currently the difference from businesses that are just getting by and maybe doing alright, compared to those who are being highly reviewed and regarded as the leaders in their industry. Webdigia’s Products for your Online Presence Search Engine Optimization (SEO): When a user inputs a word or string of words into a search engine (you have done it thousands of times) to find information the results are displayed with ten per page.  This is all about relevance and the websites on the first page and closest to the top are regarded as the best in the eyes of the searchers.  Is your businesses website near the top for any related keywords that are associated with your services, location and/or products?  If not, you are really missing out on a steady stream of targeted consumers who can access you and your offerings at any time of the day and any time of the night; truly limitless.  SEO works by proving to the search engines that your website is the best and that you are the most relevant and highly regarded source for this information.  Webdigia provides these services in order to help increase organic web traffic for businesses. Pay-Per-Click (PPC): If you want to instantly see how the internet can bring in a steady stream of leads, then paid traffic is the quickest route.  Webdigia offers PPC setup, optimization and management.  Set a monthly budget, make sure you are sending traffic to a converting tool like our custom designed landing pages and reap the rewards that will follow.  Webdigia’s expert internet marketing staff will setup a campaign that will drive the best ROI.  Inexperience and PPC do not mix, as you can quickly eat through a marketing budget with no real rewards.  Count on the team at Webdigia to ensure your success. Website Maintenance & Management: This is one of the common problems with a lot of businesses.  Hiring an IT staff or an in-house website admin can be expensive for those who are looking to remain as profitable as possible and trim costs.  A website may be left abandoned, collecting dust and starts to get outdated with old web trends, design, graphics, information and lacks current products, pricing and more.  Maintaining your website is extremely important and ideally you want to be releasing consistent blog posts and other content where you can continually connect, up-sell and market to your current and potential new leads.  Most companies who look back and reflect on where they are today (if it’s in a negative place) will tell you that they got lazy and they failed to innovate or stay with the times.  A new competitor could surface tomorrow and in six months steal half of your customers because they make purchases easier, products more efficient, and offer instant access and bill pay online for example. View: Learn more about internet marketing on Webdigia’s Blog
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