JHM Technologies (rtmcomposites.com) is nestled in south eastern Michigan USA, right in the heart of the Automotive manufacturing center of the world. Many of us from this region have cut some of our teeth on an assembly line in one way or another so we have a keen focus and interest in automation and process controls.

For well over 30 years our founder John Moore has been focused on advancing the low pressure closed molding processes of RTM, LRTM, VARTM and Vacuum Infusion, through John’s efforts and those of the entire technical team of JHM Technologies many of the key advancement made in the various processes have been in one way or another associated with their work. All of the Equipment and Accessories are produced in-house to exacting standards so you can trust the quality and product support only found by ones who have such a tight control on their product supply.

The unique background held by the JHM Technologies senior management is their actual prior experience as OEM Tier One molding suppliers, combined with an in-depth understanding of the polymer Chemistry, Process Methods and Equipment needs. This combination provides a firm foundation of support for all of our customers in the understanding of their needs, as well as, the vision needed to take the process to the next level.

The world community of closed molders has found the Equipment, Training and Accessories offered by JHM Technologies second to none and often referred to as their “competitive advantage” by many of the loyal customers who feel they have over others when using the advanced products offered. This is especially true with the Infuser Series of Injection Systems and particularly the Infuser PRG which offers the Ultimate Injection system in the world, bare none.

The commitment of the JHM Technologies team is to continue to drive the fiber reinforced plastic molding processes to the level of repeatability and efficiency normally only found in thermoplastic injection molding.

For all of your closed molding needs, JHM Technologies is the one source you need to succeed and lead in your industry.

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