MTI® hose – “As close to Fire and Forget as it gets for VARTM

The MTI® hose is a spiral tube with an outer jacket that allows for resin to be stopped at the edge of the tube by the barrier jacket, yet air can still pass by.

The beauty of this technology is the fact that the positive resin pressure does not enter the negative pressure within the vacuum spiral tube environment.

This barrier maintains the differential pressure allow for the hydraulic resin pressure to be optimized thus forcing the entrapped atmosphere within the laminate to still find the low pressure of the vent tube and thus produces a higher density void free laminate without the need for an autoclave.

To see the MTI® in action, watch the few second video below. There you will see the resin in direct contact with the MTI® Tube jacket yet the atmosphere (air) from within the laminate still escaping by.

We have made countless carbon & epoxy parts using the MTI® hose never had a bad part and the physical properties are matching those needed in production OEM Automotive applications for which the composite tooling is being made for. This process is used to prove out the part design and laminate properties. We find we can use select resins from Momentive molding at temperatures of 160℉ with post mold post curing, then matching the properties of the fast cure HP-RTM resins proposed for actual OEM production.

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