The growth in closed molding continues with the low pressure molding processes of LRTM and Vacuum infusion (RSB) leading the industry away from open molding. The days of using nylon bag film and butyl tacky tape is all but gone with the advancements made using reusable silicone bags (RSB). There is no need for breather film or peel ply. The injection and vent ports can be made from the actual bag materials or can be more permanent with the pre-made accessories offered by JHM Technologies. The RSB bags can be made by brushing or spraying the silicone over either a “sheetwax” calibration or over a “hand laid” part. Part thickness is dictated by fiber schedule in combination with injection process volume and flow rate controls. The advantages of the RSB vacuum infusion process over open mold is higher fiber loading, nearly zero VOC emissions and ease of loading eliminating the skill needed in applying nylon bag film without wrinkles or vacuum leaks, not to mention FAR less consumable cost. JHM Technologies has added the service of building RSB Bags in addition to their LRTM tool building products. The typical cost of the RSB, is between $38 to $52 per square foot of mold surface inclusive of the perimeter flange. Full line of RSB injection & vent ports and related accessories to be added to available on-line by May 1st. Contact the JHM Technologies team for all your RSB needs.