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The ability and foresight to “Do it right the first time” comes from experience,the JHM Technologies international team has nearly thirty years of experiences at your service to enable you to avoid the costly mistakes of “reinventing the process” for yourself. We will take your closed molding process from start to finish, as you would if you had practiced it hundreds of times before. The training we will provide along the path will enable your staff to carry forward with those same proven methods for all of your future closed molding projects on your own. We will start with the evaluation of your product, build your initial tooling, train your staff on the tooling build procedures and molding process methods, assemble a complete “turn-key” workcenter of equipment, bring in your staff to our plant for training on your “packaged system”, and then transfer the entire workcenter to your plant where your staff will continue running in production as we trained them. This has proven to cost a fraction of the time and money spent by those who have attempted to launch into closed molding on their own. Contacting us today will get us started, and soon you will be enjoying all of the many benefits of the closed molding processes of RTM Light or RTM with low cost, accurate tooling, proven equipment systems and a trained in-house workforce. RTM Workcenter Packaged Solution The RTM or similar closed molding processes is not new to our industry and has been tried by an overwhelming number of molders throughout the years. The success rate of the vast majority of these molders has not been high, and has been extremely expensive. For nearly 20 years, the JHM Technologies team has lead the industry with proven methods of training, tooling innovation and equipment designed specifically for the RTM and VM processes. Our trained staff can guide your staff through each of the process details that will ensure your success with minimal expense or delay. Starting your process with proven methods allows you to immediately take advantage of all that the closed molding processes have to offer – without the risk of delay or failure. A “High End” PLC Controlled RTM Workcenter package may contain the following:
One Infuser PRG controlled RTM Injection system. $42,870.00
One EM-38-T Screw Driven Tilting Frame Manipulator. The EM-38-T Manipulator has the standard 3′ x 8′ tooling frame which tilts 0 to 70 to allow for ergonomic tooling maintenance. $33,764.00
One Water circulating temperature control system for mold temperature control. 9Kw heating capacity with tap water cooling. Microprocessor controlled. $2,495.00
Equipment Capital Costs $68,259.00
Tooling The cost of positive injection pressure RTM tooling is typically $275.00 to $300.00 per square foot of tooling surface area – including the area of the perimeter flange. This value does not include Pattern cost.
Using a pick-up truck hood as an example: For both the Inner and Outer hood parts, molds using the LRTM process cost for both molds: $21,000.00
Tooling cost for a tool the size of Ford F-150 pick-up hood (not including pattern) $21,000.00
Total investment as listed $89,259.00*
* Note: Molds the size of car hoods and smaller often do not need manipulators which would reduce this workcenter cost to $55,495.00. The above package would allow a molder to invest less than $115,000.00 United States dollars and be able to begin molding F-150 Truck Hoods without the painful cost of time and expense of developing the project in-house. Our packaged solutions can be customized to meet your exact needs. Contact us today at 810.629.6515 so we may begin designing a system for you. You may also email for more information. Question- What does a typical “Turn-Key” RTM Package Cost? Answer- Turn-key RTM packages cost $25,000.00 and up for the Tooling and Equipment needed to produce an average of one molding every 20 minutes or less. Question- What does a typical “Turn-Key” RTM Light Package Cost? Answer- Turn-key RTM Light packages cost $10,000.00 and up for the Tooling and Equipment needed to produce an average of one molding every 40 minutes or less. Our packaged solutions can be customized to meet your exact needs! Call today so you can start enjoying the many benefits of closed molding in your plant in just a few short weeks.
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