Pumping the Profits Away

"Witness at the vent ports and then add a few more strokes to make sure." The "industry standard" of injecting a mold is to overfill in order to ensure they're completely filled. This standard is costing the average molder more than $5,000 each month. Yet, the solution is simple...

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MTI Hose Wins ACMA ACE Award

The MTI hose offers a practical solution to voids common to the vacuum infusion process. Using MTI hose in place of standard spiral tube for the evacuation venting in vacuum infusion process gives unprecedented void free results. [...]

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Resuable Silicone Bags (RSB)

The growth in closed molding continues with the low pressure molding processes of LRTM and Vacuum infusion (RSB) leading the industry away from open molding. The days of using nylon bag film and butyl tacky tape is all but gone with the advancements made using reusable silicone bags (RSB). [...]

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